Postmodern Times

Shot-by-shot video recreation of Chaplin’s Modern Times made by commissioning short clips from online workers on labor platforms and Amazon Mechanical Turk 87’ Produced with the support of LACMA’s Art + Technology Lab.

Postmodern Times also features a score that weaves together various interpretations of the original soundtrack, including a generic presentation of the MIDI data, passionate interpretations of the original score performed by musicians on, and traces of the original score and foley sounds to connect the sound back to the original score. The transformative remix produces a chaotic soundtrack that splinters into digital glitches, only to reassemble around key leitmotifs present in the original score, which itself is representative of the conditions of the work’s creation. 

Exhibited: Denny Gallery

Client: Michael Mandiberg

Role: Sound Orchestration 

Tech: Logic Pro X, Open Music, SmartScore