Unfolding Prejudice


“Unfolding Prejudice” is a series of evolving portraits that are the accumulation of faces captured by security cameras. The portraits reflect the process of instantaneous and shifting prejudice across time and location.

“Unfolding Prejudice” is a reflection of our instantaneous accumulation of judgments depending on the faces we see in an environment. It creates an ever expanding depiction of eternally evolving IDEA of a face which conveys and triggers our rapid judgments. It is inspired from my experience of prejudice as the only asian looking person in my environment growing up in Turkey. It is not about prejudice that is against an entire group of people, race or gender. It is about prejudice that we have in first seconds that we see a person. It uses IP camera to observe and computer vision tools to detect and add faces into the evolving portrait. It is an interpretation of prejudice as humans’ cognitive process using technology as an inspecting tool.


Final Presentation wide.027